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If you've volunteered at APOYO and a class you're taking requires a project that we might be able to help you with, just ask! Many of us are faculty and emeritus faculty. We can work with you!

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If your professor is willing to collaborate with us on an assignment -- or on a whole course -- we would be all too happy to see what we can do to help! let's get together and talk about it!

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Professor Hope Amason is our faculty representative, and if you would like to work for APOYO, please contact her to see what kind of opportunities are available and make arrangements.


The possibilities are many, but in the past we have helped video editing students make a documentary.  We have also partnered with journalism students.  Technical writing or grant writing courses offer possibilities, as well as graphic design, art, nutrition and sociology courses.  Naturally, foreign language students are always welcome, as well as Multicultural education and ESL students.

If you are taking a course that requires a large quarter-long project such as a 20 page research paper or some other hands-on project that deals with any aspect of what APOYO does -- from warehouse management to fund raising to accounting, to designing pamphlets or managing social media, writing newsletters or advertising -- we might be able to work with your professor.  Creative writing projects, cultural research projects of any kind, or multicultural studies are perfectly welcome!  Maybe a nutrition class?

Right now we are still in the process of developing ideas for long term projects that will benefit both interns and our food bank.  Hope Amason is currently working with students to bring proposals to our board.  If you are interested, please contact her!  We would all love to hear how you can help!

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Wednesdays: 1:00 PM & 6:00 PM
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