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We serve a wide variety of people from the Ellensburg area and beyond. Many, though not all, of our clients are first or second generation mexicanos. Some clients are students; others are locals. Some are homeless.

This past year, our numbers, broken down by age, looked like the chart below. The largest age group, of course, is 19 to 54. These are likely to be parents or relatives of parents who have come to work. The next largest category is 3 to 18, the children of those folks. The average family size is usually between 4 and 5 people, though that figure varies from month to month.

Clients by age

Every year, starting in June, we keep track of how many clients are coming in for the first time, as opposed to how many have been in to see us before. Naturally, everyone in June is counted as "new," while the rest of the year, many clients -- though not all -- have been in before. Below, we see the largest influx of new clients in August and September, and again in January.

New vs Returning Clients

Over the past year, APOYO has served a total of 9712 individuals from 2108 households.